Obscura Rhapsody No. 6 Release + Reissues of 1-5

Earlier this year, I released the sixth installment of Obscura Rhapsody in weekly installments. At the time, I had considered changing the series to a weekly format, but have since reconsidered.

The series will return to a monthly release schedule, beginning in August. To celebrate, I am not only releasing No. 6 in a new PDF download, but also reissuing the first 5 installments as well. These new editions include a new set of covers, copy editing clean-up by new series editor J. Burns, and more closely reflect the vision for the series as inspired by the old “Penny Dreadfuls” / serials of the 19th century but in a digital, modernized format.

The plan continues to be: release Obscura Rhapsody in PDF format in monthly installments for free, and once the novel / storyline is completed, collect it and sell it in various eBook formats with some bonus material. More details on that after we wrap up the first Obscura Rhapsody novel, Paths of Exile, in issue 16.

Click below to download the installments:

Obscura Rhapsody #1 (PDF)
Obscura Rhapsody #2 (PDF)
Obscura Rhapsody #3 (PDF)
Obscura Rhapsody #4 (PDF)
Obscura Rhapsody #5 (PDF)
Obscura Rhapsody #6 (PDF)

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