Obscura Rhapsody Guide

Ahead of the return of Obscura Rhapsody, I thought it might be helpful to post a bit of information, a cast list (with models) along with links to the free PDF versions of installments 1 through 5.


Obscura Rhapsody is an ongoing serial written by Julio Angel Ortiz. A drama the blends psychological drama with high-concept action, it follows a group of adventurers in the aftermath of their greatest defeat, and the dangerous political climate in which they find themselves.

From the blurb of Book One, Exiles:

Five years ago a group of adventurers known as the Shadow Vanguard, each wielding a facet of a strange power called Obscura, failed to save the city-state they swore to protect. In the cataclysmic aftermath, the Vanguard went their separate ways, going into hiding and taking care not to draw the attention of an antagonistic power, the Tai’Hiera. They vanished from history… until now.

A deadly encounter in the woods brings Khloe face-to-face with the former leader of the Vanguard, Aedyn, and together they embark on a journey of reunification and self-discovery.

But both paths are fraught with danger and intrigue. For the dark power of Obscura is anathema to the Tai’Hiera and their zealous Saints. Aedyn’s former home harbors cutthroats and rogues seeking to turn them in for wealth. Some former Vanguard have become embroiled in a secret war they do not understand. And others may not want to be found.

Aedyn and Khloe must pull together the shattered Vanguard, as a horror beyond their imagining begins to stir…


Aedyn Locke  (model: Mads Mikkelsen)
Khloe Stormsgaard (model: Bryce Dallas Howard)
Allana (model: blonde Eva Green)
Akaja (model: Kelly Hu)
Belmont: (model: Vincent Ventresca)
Veruk (model: Aldis Hodge)


Obscura Rhapsody No. 1 – “Primary”

A chance encounter in the woods leads to an unexpected journey of discovery…

Obscura Rhapsody No. 2 – “Castaways and Cutouts”

Khloe begins to get a grasp on her newfound abilities as old enemies of the Shadow Vanguard learn of their re-emergence.

Obscura Rhapsody No. 3 – “Wounded”

Khloe finds herself alone and wounded against their captives. Does she have any hope of survival?

Obscura Rhapsody No. 4 – “Unbound”

It’s comes down to this! Khloe must stand alone against her and Aedyn’s captors in a battle to the death.

Obscura Rhapsody No. 5 – “Allana”

Having surmounted their recent ordeal, Aedyn and Khloe turn their attention to rescuing Allana, an esteemed Shadow Vanguard. But after all this time, does she even want to be saved?

The next installment of Obscura Rhapsody, 6.1, goes live on February 5th 2020 and will be released weekly thereafter!

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